Optimization of the sales process with the help of AI

Customer data is not always complete and it is even more difficult when it comes to sales leads. Manually researching missing information is not only very time consuming, it is also simply not feasible considering the large number of data entries that need to be processed. But how can AI help to complete incomplete data sets?

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Automated completion of an existing lead and customer database with missing industry information


Automated use of generative AI to research and analyze websites to identify missing industry information from several thousand corporate customers


A customer from the automotive sector was faced with the challenge that, although he had the company data of his customers, he had no information about the industries in which the respective companies were operating. As the list consisted of several thousand companies, a manual research approach was not feasible for reasons of cost efficiency.

A more efficient approach turned out to be a process that automatically searches for the companies' websites via a search engine interface, loads them and passes the text of the pages to a generative AI to answer the question of which industry the company is operating in. The enriched information was written to the source data set and handed over to the customer after a quality check.


The new industry information now opens up new sales potential, as the product portfolio is diversified by industry and products can now be offered in a much more targeted manner.


Improvement of the sales process: the existing customer data was enriched with missing industry information using generative AI, which now enables the sales team to place the product range in a more targeted manner.


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