Unlock the potential of generative AI in your company!

Generative AI, in particular Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, Google Bard or Llama (Facebook), have led to groundbreaking progress in the field of AI since the end of last year. We help you to implement your own GPT securely in your corporate environment so that all your employees can safely use the extensive possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). We also help you to integrate the technology into your processes and identify potential applications. Optimize your business processes and increase your productivity with the help of your own in-house GPT!

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Internal company data stays in your company


Automate repetitive tasks & gain more time for the important topics


Benefit from all the functions provided by a GPT


Take the opportunity to live the AI revolution directly & be ahead of your competitors


Millennials and Gen Z in particular use GPTs, gain attractiveness for this target group

Technical implementation: Your own in-house GPT in a secure & privacy-compliant environment

Hosted GPT model (e.g. OpenAI) in a compliant Microsoft Azure environment

Data does not leave your environment and is not processed outside of Europe

Interaction with GPT is not used to train future OpenAI models

Internal information can be connected to OpenAI models

Encryption and authentication incl. access control

Organizational readiness: Benefit from our holistic approach for your in-house GPT

Through many years of experience in identifying process improvements through IT solutions, especially in the processing of text data (business requirements / technical requirements / legal requirements), we understand your needs and know the success factors. The management of interfaces between different departments within organizations is part of our DNA (stakeholder management). Take advantage of our broad expertise at VICO & BDO:

Examination and legal assurance of your confidential data by BDO Legal

Development & implementation of individual use cases incl. scaling to other application scenarios

Secure technical rollout - ready to use

Communication & change management

Introduction of users and their training incl. prompt engineering and administrator training

Professional monitoring, activity monitoring & creation of dashboards

Stakeholder management


(Teilweise) Automatisierung menschlicher Aufgaben im Umgang mit Dokumenten- und Textverarbeitung

Verbesserte Effizienz bei der Informationsbeschaffung und Recherche

Einfachere Interaktion mit Maschinen

Überwindung von Sprachbarrieren

z.B. Verfassen von E-Mails, Zusammenfassungen, Programmierung

Lesen großer Dokumente, Auffinden der richtigen Informationen und markanter Teile

Generative KI ist in der Lage ist, menschliche Befehle in Maschinencode zu übersetzen

z.B. Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschdienste, Sprachunterstützung, Geschäftskommunikation

Increase your efficiency, quality and profitability with the help of generative AI in your own company!


Analysis of your needs

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Demo access to our monitoring systems

Personal or online meeting

You receive an offer tailored to your needs

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