VICO Research & Consulting

VICO Research & Consulting supports you in using the data that the web offers you to promote your products and your brand. VICO specialises in analysis services, social media and product monitoring solutions, as well as AI solutions. In addition, VICO supports you in the integration of social data into your business processes and your company’s own systems.
VICO delivers valuable insights from social media to optimise your products and your product communication.

Since 2005, VICO has been primarily active on the German market for larger medium-sized businesses and corporations. VICO’s projects and analyses are carried out worldwide. VICO is part of BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

At VICO, people and technology work hand in hand to provide clients with the best service they can imagine. Specialist expertise, experience, technology, creativity and drive. This combined expertise of its employees is what is characteristic of VICO.


Marc Trömel

Managing Director of VICO
& Partner of BDO AG

Philipp Tiedt

Managing Director of VICO
& Partner of BDO AG


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