Dive into the lifestyles of your target group and benefit from valuable insights!

Deep insights about the communication of your target groups is key for a consumer-centric marketing approach! We help you to generate these insights, integrate them into your processes and by that, help you to increase sales.

Our analysts know exactly how to deep-dive into the web and have a background in market research. They use our own technologies for data collection and analysis so they can identify and evaluate all relevant insights for your business. By that, we derive valuable recommendations and develop communication campaigns for you.

Take advantage of years of experience in a wide range of industries - from automotive to insurance.

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Analyses, studies and online posts are basis to unterstand your target groups and extract relevant insights!

We deep-dive into the web communication and extract specific insights tailored to your needs.

VICO supports and consults you based on the following analyses:

Status quo analysis

Target group analysis

Topic analysis

Market analysis


Product and quality


Benchmarking analysis

Reputation analysis

Stay up to date with reportings

We support you with customized reports to deliver insights from the web to your team and your company. We analyze and prepare specific data at a frequency of your choice. Not only do we provide descriptive figures, but we also give you meaningful insights such as a performance evaluation or recommendations for action.

Company and brand performance reporting

Benchmarking reporting

Campaign reporting

KPI reporting


Alertings and consulting in case of crisis

Especially in the fast-moving social media world, negative communication can spread rapidly. We help you with customized alerts in times of crisis. A tailor-made scorecard evaluates the upcoming crises based on predefined KPIs. Our analysts and consultants are there to support you - from the detection of emerging crisis communication to the management of a crisis situation.

Alerting for the early detection and monitoring of crises

Consulting for crisis management & handling

Consulting in case of crisis



Analysis of your needs

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Personal or online meeting

You receive an offer tailored to your needs

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