Generate valuable insights efficiently from large amounts of data with the help of AI!

The volume of data in companies is constantly increasing. If you add data about competitors, it becomes increasingly time-consuming to generate valuable insights from the data. We help you with individual AI models to filter out, classify and evaluate the data relevant to your issue. We furthermore integrate the AI models into your systems and make them accessible and usable for all employees. Unlock new potential for generating insights through data analysis with AI!

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AI can significantly speed up data analysis by quickly recognizing and interpreting complex patterns in large amounts of data


AI models can make highly accurate predictions and detect errors in data, leading to more reliable results


AI can handle large amounts of data that would be insufficient for manual processing, and thus offers the possibility to scale the analysis


AI can uncover hidden patterns and correlations in data that might otherwise be overlooked


AI can make automated decisions based on data analysis, which speeds up and optimizes the decision-making process

Benefit from 15 years of experience in the automated comprehension of large volumes of text

Expertise in machine learning and deep learning-based technologies, rule-based methods, ontologies, knowledge databases, knowledge graphs and their optimal and coordinated use

Big data technologies for text processing, data retrieval, data querying, highly available data storage

Consulting and generation of solutions tailored to the individual use case, including text classification and image recognition according to your needs and use cases

Experienced team of experts for cost-efficient and high-quality annotation services to generate training data for AI processes

Comprehensive analysis know-how and expertise in the use of AI to generate valuable insights from large amounts of data

Marc Trömel

Managing Director of VICO Research & Consulting & Partner of BDO AG

"Data analysis together with artificial intelligence are key to a company's innovative strength. They greatly speed up the process of identifying the need for action and finding solutions. Valuable insights on customer wishes for the future can be derived from customer feedback."


(Teilweise) Automatisierung menschlicher Aufgaben im Umgang mit Dokumenten- und Textverarbeitung

Verbesserte Effizienz bei der Informationsbeschaffung und Recherche

Einfachere Interaktion mit Maschinen

Überwindung von Sprachbarrieren

z.B. Verfassen von E-Mails, Zusammenfassungen, Programmierung

Lesen großer Dokumente, Auffinden der richtigen Informationen und markanter Teile

Generative KI ist in der Lage ist, menschliche Befehle in Maschinencode zu übersetzen

z.B. Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschdienste, Sprachunterstützung, Geschäftskommunikation

Increase your efficiency and generate valuable insights from large amounts of data with the help of AI!


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Effiziente AI Datenanalyse für Auswertungen und in Systemen

Consumer Insights

In unseren Analysen, Studien und Reportings kommen AI Modelle zum Einsatz. Zum einen werden Social Media und Review Daten mit
einer speziell trainierten KI vorselektiert und annotiert. Zum anderen werden ausgewählte Analyseergebnisse mit Hilfe von KI validiert.

Social Data Analytics

Wir entwickeln kundenindividuelle AI-Modelle für die Textklassifikation (Sentimentanalyse und Themenerkennung), welche in VICO Analytics, BI Lösungen oder in Ihre unternehmenseigene Systeme integriert werden können. Darüber hinaus beraten wir bei der Entscheidungsfindung, ob und wenn ja wie Sie ein Thema mit oder ohne AI Unterstützung angehen sollten