Increased efficiency through AI integration

Especially in projects with large amounts of data from different sources, it is often challenging to keep an eye on all topics and movements in communication. Where are trends arising? Where do critical topics on a particular subject accumulate?

The requirements for a modern AI route are therefore: automatically detect topic peaks as soon as they appear and summarize them in a short report.

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AI-generated topic reports to gain relevant insights from different data pools automatically and proactively


Combination of different AI models to efficiently analyze communication data from different data pools, identify relevant topics and trends and create automated topic reports


For a client in the automotive industry with an enormous volume of data, it was not cost-efficient to have all communication data analyzed via a GPT. To solve this challenge, VICO first created a taxonomy of topic clusters using smaller, specialized language models to identify and classify relevant communication on products, components and service processes as well as their individual sentiments.

As soon as the machine detects an increase in negative communication in a topic cluster, only this relevant analysis data is passed on to the generative AI. The AI is given the task of forming subtopics, writing a summary and providing an initial indication for a recommendation for action.


By intelligently linking different data pools and combining different AI models, medium and large volumes of data become much more manageable. Specialist departments save a lot of time and effort for initial research, which is now fully automated by the AI, and can concentrate directly on solving the respective issue.


By automating research and analysis tasks, it was not only possible to take into account larger volumes of data from different sources, but also to achieve a significant increase in efficiency in the departments.


Although the use cases presented are solutions that we have developed for specific challenges for our customers, the approaches are transferable. The use of AI - when used correctly - benefits efficiency, process optimization, safety, productivity and, last but not least, profitability. Please contact us to find out how this and other cases can help you become fit for AI.


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