Insights for awareness & interaction within the target group

One of the challenges of planning events is ensuring that the target audience has an adequate understanding of the purpose and process of the event. Often a poor or incorrect understanding can lead to problems and affect the successful promotion of the event.

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Uncover and counteract the low or incorrect understanding of the event within the target group.


Target group-oriented approach via social advertising.


The project started with an analysis of the target group's leisure behavior. This in-depth analysis provided valuable insights into what motivates the target group and what obstacles they might come up against when buying tickets.


With this information, our team of experts defined the target group's motivations and obstacles and developed a detailed concept for the social advertising campaign. This concept included a clear definition of the channels, the target group, the message, the formats and the actions to be triggered.


Our team of experts then translated the concept into a creative and effective social media campaign. The campaign is designed to appeal to the target audience and effectively encourage them to buy tickets.


Finally, VICO placed and tracked the social media campaign for three months to ensure it delivered the desired results. Our team of experts continuously analyzed the campaign and adjusted it as needed to ensure its success.


Increased awareness and interaction within the desired target group: 50% of the total reach potential in the interested population within the region was reached.


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