Optimization of service processes & standards with the use of AI

2nd and 3rd level support staff in particular need to have a broad range of knowledge when talking to customers, or at least be able to access it quickly in order to provide customers with a good service experience in a solution-oriented manner.

How can artificial intelligence support the service process in this regard?

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Consumer electronics


Creation of an internal knowledge database that provides support staff with the information they need quickly and efficiently


Implementation of an in-house GPT, which is connected to various internal tools and data collections


A customer from the consumer electronics sector set the goal to optimize the after-sales process. Every support employee should have access to all the knowledge in the company and be able to quickly access the information they need.


The introduction of so-called 'internal wikis', a system that can be asked by employees about specific topics and solutions, requires an integrated and secure in-house GPT. For this purpose, generative AI is linked to various internal tools or data collections. Product information management (PIM) contains all the necessary product specifications, customer relationship management (CRM) provides information on customers and the market, and social media monitoring or other market research data can be used to compare requests with general trends. The employee can now ask the AI about the respective support topic via a user interface and receive detailed information based on all available data.


In 2nd and 3rd level support, human-to-human contact is an important element of the customer relationship and service experience in many companies. The better and faster employees can access collections of information in order to provide help, advise customers or write emails in the right tone, the more likely the customer will feel valued. The optimization of service processes and standards is increasingly becoming a strong differentiator for companies.


Improvement of service processes & standards: the implementation of an in-house GPT as an internal knowledge database enables support staff to process service cases faster and better, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


Although the use cases presented are solutions that we have developed for specific challenges for our customers, the approaches are transferable. The use of AI - when used correctly - benefits efficiency, process optimization, safety, productivity and, last but not least, profitability. Please contact us to find out how this and other cases can help you become fit for AI.


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