Product optimization & optimization of marketing communication

Evaluating customer feedback is crucial for companies to gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction and identify potential weaknesses. In order to use this information even more effectively, it is important not only to carry out a quantitative evaluation of the feedback, but also to determine the communication density and the communication tone on a model.

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Evaluation of customer feedback & determination of communication density & communication tone on a model


Social media analysis


This social media analysis includes the evaluation of customer feedback on a specific car model. This feedback provides information about what customers like and what they would like to see improved. By analyzing this data, companies can make informed decisions about product design, manufacturing processes and marketing communications.


The first step was to define and model the object of investigation in order to collect the relevant data via a search query. In addition to the brand and the model to be considered, this also consists of topics that should be analyzed specifically.


As soon as the object of investigation has been modeled and the data has been extracted from the web, the next step is to analyze the posts. This includes analyzing customer feedback in order to identify common topics, trends and patterns. Buzz and sentiment are captured for each market and region. Sentiment indicates whether consumer statements regarding a topic are positive, neutral or negative, while buzz illustrates the communication volume of the topic. For example, the better the sentiment and the higher the buzz, the more this topic should be integrated into marketing activities.


Finally, valuable recommendations for action for product optimization and marketing communication were derived from the insights gained.


Powerful product quality research provides authentic real-time feedback for product optimization and marketing communication. Development of KPIs that are visualized in a dashboard - improving the control of marketing activities.


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