Evaluation of the own market situation & early detection of critical issues

In today’s digital world, social media plays an important role in building public perception of companies. A comparison of social media performance and consumer perception of the company’s brands can provide valuable insights to evaluate the effectiveness of the social media strategy and adjust it if necessary.

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Create a comparison of the performance in social media and the public perception of the company's brands.


Social media monitoring


VICO's process for implementing social media monitoring includes a representative test phase, customization of the monitoring services to the company's needs, and a cross-country and cross-language rollout with personal training by VICO's experts.


During the representative test phase, VICO conducts a limited pilot of its monitoring services to validate the setup and identify any necessary customizations to the company's requirements. This allows fine-tuning of the monitoring criteria and ensures that the most important data is collected and analyzed.


Once the testing phase is complete, VICO works closely with the company to customize the monitoring to their specific needs. This may include customizing data sources, keywords and monitoring criteria to provide the most meaningful insights and support decision making.


Finally, our experts provide personalized training to support the roll-out of monitoring services across countries and languages. This training ensures that the company has the necessary knowledge and resources to use the monitoring results effectively and make informed decisions based on the insights gained.


Evaluation of the own market situation in real time.

Customization of the tool to obtain the relevant data for the use case.

Issue handling: early detection of emerging critical issues.


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