Social media study consumer and home electronics – the demand for sustainable products: it´s not easy being green

Analysis of brand presence and consumer voices about sustainability

Study profile

Data base
124,080 posts.
Of which are 101,945 social media posts and 22,135 customer reviews mentioning small or medium domestic appliances.


Coded data
For purchase criteria: 575 customer reviews and social media posts mentioning purchase reasons.
For the product analysis: 750 customer reviews (Fairphone 4, iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22).


Analysis period
01.06.2022 through 30.06.2023


DACH region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Selection of international manufacturers of consumer and home electronics devices, like AEG Electrolux, Bauknecht, BSH, Delonghi, Dyson, LG, Miele, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc. (Full selection on demand).
The websites of and user communication for the brand analysis part were evaluated qualitatively.
For the product analysis, one smartphone of each of the following brands was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively: Fairphone, Apple, Samsung.



Targeted search queries based brands, products and topic related keywords


The review and social media data was pre-selected and annotated using a specially trained AI from VICO


Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the content by experienced analysts


Validation of selected results with ChatGPT

Study contents

Sustainability as a purchase decision criterion

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of key buying decision factors and elements that make up sustainability, using both primary and secondary data.

Influence of sustainability communication on brand perception

Qualitative analysis of sustainability communication on corporate websites and comparison of this with consumer communication online.

Deep Dive: Product Analysis Fairphone

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of different features of the Fairphone (e.g. camera, size / weight / handling, quality, price, etc.) including a detailed examination of the topics of performance, size and price. Qualitative comparison of the Fairphone's sustainability communication with that of Apple and Samsung at product level.

Conclusion, recommendations & outlook

Main take-aways for manufacturers of consumer and home electronics as well as opportunities for further analyses in this field.

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