Social Media Study E-Mobility

AI based social media study for communication about e-vehicles

Study profile

Data base
1,493,750 social media posts


Annotated data
165.021 statements


Observation period
January 1st through December 31st, 2022


7 markets


27 selected car models of current model series


Forums (62%), Twitter (15%), YouTube (12%), Blogs (5%),
Facebook (2%), Instagram (1%), Rating Sites (1%), Q&A Portals (0%)




Targeted search queries based on models and languages


Data annotation based on topics and sentiment


Further quantitative and qualitative AI data validation by experienced analysts

Key topics online: proportional distribution of topic clusters


Topics such as increased prices or TCO dominate the discussion on the web together with concerns about market policy developments (subsidies, availability of semiconductors).


Users on the web exchange information about batteries (service life), ranges and charging structures. A topic with optimization potential for OEMs.


General statements on the perception of a brand (short statements such as "best brand", but also well-founded statements on the brand core).


In the Interaction & Infotainment cluster, the focus is primarily on usability problems and unreliable software versions and apps.


Geringer Anteil am Kommunikationsvolumen, im Cluster Qualität. Hierunter fallen u.a. Probleme mit der Karossiere, wie Rost. Der geringe Anteil spricht für einen hohen Qualitätsstandard.

Study contents

Target groups e-mobility on the web
Qualitative segmentation of consumer groups & qualitative deep dive into all consumer groups


Deep dive: evaluation of the topic clusters
Percentage distribution, sentiment & insights of the sub-topics within the topic clusters as well as evaluation of problem communication or perceived need for optimization of the brands


Deep dive: route planning as a negatively discussed topic
Display of topic size by brand, qualitative insights on the exact pain points as well as insight into the most positively evaluated route planners


Deep dive: important criteria for the purchase decision
Quantitative illustration of purchase criteria in absolute terms as well as criteria for and against the purchase of an e-car, qualitative insights into important decision criteria, detailed analysis of the topic "safety" as the most important decision criterion for a purchase


Deep dive: detailed insight into e-car models
Comparison of topic sizes and sentiment of topics of 2 compact class models VW ID.3 vs. Nissan Leaf, communication volume & sentiment absolute and by topics as well as qualitative insights into the models Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S, Skoda Enyaq, Renault Zoe and VW ID.3

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