Who actually needs social media data?

Social media is pretty much the opposite of ‘one size fits all’. Since customised content is now the trend, a differentiated view of consumers is therefore the ideal perspective to have.
Social media data is almost every time interesting, but not always relevant for every company, and even less for every department. Whether for improving communication, early understanding of service needs, or product development tailored to target groups - the case in question determines who needs which data. To ensure that you as a company get the right social media data, we remain your port of call from the strategy via operational implementation all the way to implementing data structures.

Tap into target groups, communicate in a customised way, adjust to reduce scatter loss

Capture moods, manage reputations, track distribution, strengthen relationships

Understand and guide customers across channels, optimise service, brands and products

Identify consumers’ needs, recognise and understand problems, extract ideas, align products with consumers

Is everything data driven?

In an age where content is so diverse and overabundant, it is important to identify your customers’ actual needs. Through social data you can gain fascinating insights into your target group, their desires and their motivations. It also provides exciting points of reference for brands, such as relevant digital touch points and topics. In this way we place your brand successfully in the digital sphere.

Strategy for data-driven communication

What appeals to your customers, and what do they respond to? Steer communication towards you and mould the customer journey. Which routes do customers take, when do they go directly, when do they take detours? Our consultants help you with customised, clear information to define targets, develop a communications strategy, and design marketing effectively by controlling and recognising events early.

Data-driven storytelling

We create relevance around your brand and products using intelligent content marketing. To achieve this we harness the power of data-driven communication and revolutionise the way stories are told. We support you in both strategy and operations. We create real dialogue with your existing and potential customers using communication measures that are tailored to you.

Social media campaign from A to Z

We work with leading brands worldwide in the most varied sectors. We will gladly advise you and support you in creating the perfect campaign. We develop ideas tailored to you, create professional and wide-reaching campaigns and compile a report afterwards. After that we will verify the campaign’s success with facts and figures using our own social media marketing tools, developed in-house.

Identifying & incorporating trends early

When it comes to content marketing, speed counts. With VICO you can always keep an eye on the topics relevant to you, capture impulses and use them for your communication. Never miss a thing, because competition for customers’ attention is getting fiercer!

Campaign boost through influencer marketing

Make the internet's most influential users your brand ambassadors! We know the wide-reaching, authentic and credible expert for your subject area. That is how we generate positive product reviews or experience reports that are optimised to search engines. Use influencers’ reputations to place your brand successfully in the social web: for higher product recognition and increased sales.

Social advertising for wider reach & higher engagement

Even the best content also needs to be distributed in a targeted and efficient Use your media budget as effectively as possible with the aid of VICO consultants’ expertise. How were your campaigns received so far on social media? Were important touch points missing? We analyse accurately. Based on this knowledge, we plan your advertising on social media and embed your content in a way that attracts more attention.

Effective community management

What appeals to your customers? What moves them? Our insights from communication science will bring you closer to your customers. We analyse your customers’ communities and show you what topics are currently trending. What works and what doesn’t. No other method can deliver you such deep and authentic insights as cost-effectively, providing targeted marketing with credibility.

Benchmarking & performance

Do you want to know where you actually stand in comparison to your competitors? VICO will provide you with the significant figures. How successful are your communication measures? How persuasive are your campaigns? Our team will examine your activities and provide you with the relevant, unaltered information from social data that can make you even better.

Brand image & reputation in real time

A good reputation is one of the strongest currencies on the web. We support you in meeting the requirements of an optimal online reputation. We analyse the status quo of all critical topics and, with our PR strategies, ensure that these topics do not jeopardise the perception of your brand.

Improve brand perception

Invest in trust! Having the community’s relevant opinion-formers on your side can make you credible and get you heard. We count on quality and trust, and establish brand advocates for you that will champion you even when the going gets tough.

Identifying and evaluating risks

A situation analysis suitably prepares you on all the topics that could affect your brand’s reputation. Our experts identify current and potential topics such as interest groups, and evaluate their crisis potential. Permanent issue detection and scoring ensure that you are always in the right place at the right time, giving you enough time to take action confidently.

Establishing a social reputation

How do you respond quickly and decisively to critical situations? By being well-prepared for them. We help you to meet the requirements for an optimal e-reputation. Together with you, we define processes, develop guidelines, escalation levels and PR strategies.

Respond swiftly to critical topics

Social media is fast. With VICO’s crisis alerts and reports, you will be in the right place at the right time. Our analysts are able to identify critical topics on the web long before they make a wave: we will brief you daily or even more frequently so that you can respond quickly and confidently with targeted communication measures.

Exceed expectations of your digital service

Find out how satisfied your customers are with your service. Discover what your customers desire, and what is still going wrong in the customer relationship. We will show you where and how your customers talk about your service on the web, and together we will develop concepts for excellent cross-channel service. With us you can use knowledge gained from social data to actively improve your customer relationship.

Strategy for digital service & support

Which platforms should you provide active customer service on? Which touch points can you draw on? How do other users behave, and how do you appeal to them? We will work with you to define Q&As, processes and topics that reflect your strategy for an authentic, convincing social media presence.

Service quality across all channels

We support you in integrating your strategy for social CRM into your service strategy. Whether in owned media or on third-party sites, efficiently control the dialogue with your customers on an equal footing. We advise you and help you to make the decisive step from satisfaction to enthusiasm for a digital brand experience with long-lasting effectiveness.

Optimising customer service through social data

A great deal of service quality is decided in social media nowadays. A good reputation within the online community requires attentiveness. We will help you to evaluate and solve known problems, recognise where there is a threat of new ones, and assess the emergence of contributions relevant to service. Identify problematic service cases in a timely manner. We will help you to deal with them in a credible way.

Seize the chance to join a conversation with your customers!

VICO will find the online discussions relevant to your service, and will help you to take part effectively in this communication between your customers and your target group. Whether on your own channels or off-site, use our technologies to efficiently steer your community management for the best possible service, digital brand experiences and optimal customer retention.

The best product needs the best information

Whether you are launching a new product, developing or optimising a product, it is the facts that will bring you further, not the Facebook likes. We provide you with the facts, ensuring you will get the ones you actually need. We will supply you with relevant information in real time throughout the entire life cycle of your products, saving you both time and money. Insights from social media can help you to make your products even better from development to sales, as well as to detect coming trends and recognise risks at an early stage.

Identify market developments & trends

Product development requires an overview of the way things are, as well as foresight for what is to come. We will help you to understand the market and to recognise your customers’ needs. We will supply you with unique data impulses that really pay off.
Use these impulses based on unaltered information from social media to make your innovation management a success!

Customer-centred product optimisation

You have a good product on the market that you want to make better. You want to know what difficulties users have when using your product. Which functions are not understood? What is the product perhaps missing in comparison to rival products?
Our thorough analyses will give you an overview of the measures you can take to turn a good product into a fantastic one.

Monitor your product launch

How does your new product come across to the consumer? What are the first users writing about it? What problems crop up when using the product? Accompany this process from the very beginning.
VICO Research will supply you with genuine customer reactions immediately after the market launch, allowing you to react swiftly and steer in the right direction.

Identifying product problems in real time

Our experts will inform you of all risks in good time. With the help of alerts you can respond to them. Our intelligently applied information tool analyses in all directions, for example on a flaw in the product, avoiding you expensive product liability cases or recall operations.