Optimization of marketing activities

In today’s digital world, it is extremely important for companies to reach their target groups effectively in order to be successful on the market. An important strategy for this is the identification of communication spaces per market and the determination of the target groups that are present in these communities.

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Identification of communication spaces per market with the question: which target groups can be found in which communities?


Target group and platform analysis for targeted positioning of the brand, products and topics


The first step was the automated identification of communities per market or region in relation to a brand, a product group, a product and a topic. For example, VICO can identify the top communities discussing electric mobility in relation to a specific model.


Next, a qualitative analysis of the top communities per market was conducted to gain a deep understanding of the interests, motivations and behaviors of users within each community. This information provided valuable insights into different target groups and helped our clients make insightful decisions about their marketing and communication strategies.


Finally, VICO's analysts identified the target groups of each market and showed which channels (e.g. blog, forums, social networks) the individual target groups primarily use online and compiled lists of the top communities. In addition, targeted insights were generated for each target group, such as which formats and content they consume the most and which topics they primarily engage with on which platforms.

In this way, VICO defined communication areas per market and obtained a detailed picture of target groups and platforms. VICO thus supports its customers in optimally positioning their messages and marketing measures and designing them in such a way that they achieve maximum impact.


Communication areas per market/region and target group in which the brand, products and topics can be positioned in a targeted manner. This has enabled the (target group and topic-specific) advertising channels and reach to be expanded and less wastage to be achieved by targeting marketing activities on the relevant platforms.


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