The aim of the xLiMe project is to extract information from various media platforms and in different languages in order to produce a cross-lingual and cross-channel knowledge and data base.
This process runs in near real time in order to obtain constant updates and a comprehensive overview of information distribution across the media, e.g. from a European community in Catalonia to worldwide distribution as English-language content. The solution to currently open research problems is being developed through a combination of speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning and semantic technologies:

  1. extracting automated, machine-readable information and knowledge (entities, sentiment, events & opinions) from multilingual, multichannel social media content, integration into the cross-lingual, cross-channel knowledge and data base,
  2. automated search queries for information via structured and unstructured queries in near real time,
  3. monitoring the source, need and distribution,
  4. Analysis of interaction between medial exposure and the behavioural pattern.